Secrets of the iPod, Third Edition 2003 г 272 стр ISBN 0321223713 инфо 1503z.

AmazoncomEveryone loves the iPod (though for a lot of us it's a fairly abstract love, given the gizmo's sticker price) In Secrets of the iPod, Christopher Breen--you may know him from TechTV--does a brain-duбщшкщmp on the latest version of the iPod His coverage is complete, easy to read, and clearly reflects the personal experience of a man who likes to be able to listen to Monkees tunes wherever he goes You're sure to learn a lot about your iPod--or deepen your wish to haveвзшзр one--by reading this book It's possible to criticize this book for explaining the obvious: No one really needs a tutorial on how to download music from the iTunes store, which was carefully set up to be easy to figure out On the other hand, such documentation--which may be needed for the sake of completeness--takes up little space next to the many pages devoted to relatively obscure features Readers get the complete run-down on using their portable music players as spare hard diврзгхsks, and as contact-management utilities There's also lots of coverage of third-party hardware and software that's sprung up to unlock additional iPod capabilities --David Wall Topics covered: How to use the Apple iPod, iTunes, the iTunes Music Store, and the various hacks thathave grown up around the iPod There's good coverage on hooking the iPod to a Microsoft Windows machine, and some troubleshooting tricksBook Description.