Java Software Solutions, Foundations of Program Design, Java 1 4 Edition 2004 г ISBN 0321286111 инфо 1496z.

Book Description This best-selling text by Lewis and Loftus provides an introduction to both the Java programming language and the techniques for writing high-quality programs An object-oriented approach to tбщшиьeaching Java for a CS1 course Optional Graphics Tracks through the text are designed to reinforce the main theme of each chapter by using graphical examples and discussing new graphics material (these sections can be skipped without losing continuity) Includes key boвзшжжxes, in-depth focus boxes, and code call out conventions to reinforce key concepts and practices Applets and applications are intertwined throughout the book to demonstrate computing concepts-applets build on the excitement of the Web, while applications allow students to gain a clear understanding of programming concepts Contains extensive reference material This book is appropriate for anyone wishing to learn the Java Programming Language 0-321-28611-1.